I’m in the business of capturing moments, of telling stories. I look for the details between the lines, the things that are really worth showing. The ones that are nor obvious, nor loud but crucial for the storytelling. And when I spot them, I press the shutter button.

When I was younger I was a passionate painter and for many years I considered that taking photos was cheating, not really a proper creative skill … to easy. I changed my mind, gave photography a shot (!) and found a new passion.

Since 2009 I run my own studio in Karlskrona and work all over Sweden. This far my clients have mostly been advertising agencies, marketing departments, newspapers, magazines, image agencies and quite a few brides and grooms . I love the variety and the experience I get from it.

Experience: weddings, magazines, newspapers, advertising campaigns, websites, lifestyle, portraits, visual storytelling.

Education: Fotoskolan i Gamleby, Viebäcks Folkhögskola

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